About Us

We welcome you to be a part of the Bedford High School Alumni Association. Please join us by completing a Membership Form and returning it to us.  No membership fee is required.

What is the Bedford High School Alumni Association?

 The Alumni Association is a group of Bedford High School graduates and community members who are interested in promoting Bedford High School.

Why was the Alumni Association formed?

 The Association was formed:

  • To encourage camaraderie between Bedford graduates and others who are interested in the well being of Bedford High School.
  • To provide assistance for current students.
  • To keep members informed about what is happening at Bedford High School and with other members.
  • To undertake special school related projects.
  • Sponsor the Bedford High School Hall of Fame. The purpose of the BHS Alumni Association Hall of Fame is to recognize outstanding achievements (i.e. way above and beyond the norm) of primarily Bedford High School alumni (students, athletes, post graduate successful alumni, teams and organizations) and secondarily staff (teachers, coaches, administrators and other staff members) and other supporters.”

What will The Alumni Association do for its members?

 The Association will plan special events for its members, such as Homecoming activities, hall of fame activities, golf outings and alumni nights at school sporting events.

The Association will also be available to assist others with independent school related activities, such as locating alumni of class reunions.

The Association will publish a Newsletter listing current school events and information that is of interest to alumni.

When are meetings held?

Please check our calendar for information.

What are the annual membership fees to join the Alumni Association?

There are no membership fees to join.

How do I get more information on the Alumni Association?

Contact President Michelle “Mickey” Rudolph at: 567-277-6796 or
email: alumni@mybedford.us