Alumni Meetup in Sedona, AZ!

From Sue Briskey (Lafontaine), Sue Clift (McPherson) and Diane Vogeli:

OCTOBER 20, 21 and 22, 2017

Make plans to attend a BHS Get Together in AWESOME SEDONA, ARIZONA!

List of activities; the cost of the activities; supply a list and prices for local hotels/resorts; names of golf courses in the area; make a list of activities from shopping to short (3 hours and shorter) trips to fun places. FUN jeep adventures to hiking, fishing and biking. You name it and we have it here or close by. This would also be a great time to start your holiday shopping. Please think about joining in the fun, adventures and even a surprise or two. 

Everyone’s expenses are their own – Pink jeep adventures; Out of Africa Wildlife Adventure; trip to the Grand Canyon; hiking; biking; trip to old Oatman, Arizona on the famous old Route 66; going to once mining town Jerome, Az.; a short trip up the “switchback” road in awesome Oak Creek Canyon, (them onto Flagstaff where 13,000 ft. Humphrey’s Peak is located, the great ski place near here; fishing; shopping in Uptown Sedona; meditating sessions; yoga is very big here as are massage places to be pampered and relax; or just look any direction and enjoy the beauty of our beautiful red rocks of Sedona. 

Depending on how many people attend, we can have socialize time in restaurants or parks here. There is “no charge” per person or couple; no sit down dinner(s) because everyone pays their own expenses. It will be like a vacation with friends. Very simple and relaxed. I will get prices for hotels/resorts; different adventures, etc. Great time to rest up and have fun before the holidays.
Contact: Diane Vogeli at
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