Community Stadium

A privately funded project of the BHS Alumni Association

Currently, thanks to the generosity of Grogan’s Towne and Barron Insurance for assuming paying off the Bedford Community Stadium loan, there is no outstanding debt for the Alumni Association to worry about for phase 1 of the Bedford Community Stadium project. There is an account set up for donations to construct permanent restrooms at the Bedford Community Stadium. Barron Insurance is currently donating $4,000 per year to this fund. Click here for information concerning the Bedford Community Stadium project phases. 



Located on Jackman Road in Temperance, Michigan between Bedford High School and Bedford Junior High School






A Brief Overview of the Bedford Community Stadium Project

StmComPannelThe Bedford Community Stadium is exactly that: a “Community Stadium”.  Built by the community. Built for the community.  And embodying the best the community has to offer.  In 1995, a group of concerned citizens, Bedford High School Alumni and Bedford Public Schools administrators met to assess the condition of the old high school stadium and to develop a plan to build a new, more functional stadium.  Their objective was only to meet the needs of the school and its various athletic and performing arts organizations, but to have the stadium serve as a community resource at well.  From that point, the Bedford High School Alumni Association was formed and named the Bedford Community Stadium as its first special project.  The stadium committee developed the following mission statement: “To build a quality community stadium based on a well thought out master plan which will be a source of real, long-lasting community pride.”  Click here to read history of Bedford Community Stadium Committee.

Fundraising for the project began in January of 1996. A conceptual model of the new community stadium was completed and was on display at the Bedford Trade Fair in March of 1996.  The new stadium was constructed as part of the sports complex that housed a running track which is located behind the Bedford Junior High and High School buildings at Dean and Jackman Roads.  Actual construction of the stadium began in the summer of 1996 with the renovation of the of the grass surface inside the track.  An underground sprinkler system was also added at that time.  Fundraising efforts continued into the spring of 1997.  During this period of time the stadium committee had secured enough money from various fund-raisers, donor pledges and in-kind donations to secure a $1,000,000 loan to complete phase I of the stadium project (click here to read Bedford Board Resolution for Loan and payment schedule). Construction of phase I was completed in the fall of 1997.  The first football game was played in the new stadium on October 3, 1997 in front an estimated crowd of 7,000 fans.  Click here to read newspaper articles written about the stadium project from 1995 to 1998.

Questions and Answers Concerning  Bedford Alumni Association and the Bedford Community Stadium Project

Listed below are recent questions and answers concerning Bedford Alumni Association and the Bedford Community Stadium Project.

1. What was the Bedford Community Stadium Project? Who started it?

The Bedford Community Stadium Project was the first special project of Bedford Alumni Association. Click here to read the history of the Bedford Community Stadium Committee.

2. How was the Bedford Community Stadium Project financed?

The Bedford Community Stadium was financed by a loan of $1 million dollars (see question and answer # 3 below) along with over $1 million dollars of in-kind donations of materials and labor from various companies and individuals in the area. Click here to view a list of companies and individuals who donated to the Bedford Community Stadium Project.

3. Who is paying the off the loan of $1 million debt for the construction of the Bedford Community Stadium?

The debt was being paid by Bedford Alumni Association through donations and fund raisers until 2011. Annual payments were made each year to Monroe Bank and Trust who financed the loan. Click here to view the history concerning the loan from 1997 to 2011. The ordinal agreement with MB&T signed in July 1997 called for payments of $100,000 per year for 5 years with the balance due at maturity at an interest rate of 5.35 %. Over the years, MB&T has renegotiated the original agreement with the Alumni Association and Bedford Public Schools to extend the agreement, lower the interest rate and lower the amount of the annual payments. Click here to view the original loan agreement along with the revised payment schedule. See question #4 below to read about who is currently paying the debt on the loan.

4. What is the current status of the debt owed on the Bedford Community Stadium?

In June of 2011, Grogan’s Towne car dealership in Toledo agreed to pay on the stadium debt. They negotiated a contract with Bedford Public Schools and the BHS Alumni Association to make payments of $24,000 per year for 12 years in exchange for naming rights to the stadium field and other advertising on the Bedford Public Schools property. Click here to view the media coverage of the agreement which gives the details.

In February of 2012 Barron Insurance located in Temperance Michigan agreed to also pay on the stadium debt. They negotiated a contract with Bedford Public Schools and the BHS Alumni Association to make payments of $10,000 per year to the Alumni Association, $6,000 would go toward the stadium debt and $4,000 would be set aside to start a fund to build permanent restroom facilities at the stadium. In exchange for their payment each year Baron Insurance would receive advertising at the stadium. Click here to view the media coverage concerning the agreement with Barron Insurance.

5. What is the current status of the Bedford High School Alumni Association?

The Alumni Association has not been as active for the past couple of years as it was from 1996-2013. Yes, there still is a Bedford High School Alumni Association, but it consists of basically 4 people who have pretty much done everything for the past 2 years. Many people have put in a great deal of time for the association in the past, but our lives are all at a point that we simply do not have that kind of time to commit anymore. The last major event sponsored by the Alumni Association was the Hall of Fame banquet in October of 2013.

Over the past 19 years many dedicated people have worked hard in leadership roles to keep the BHS Alumni Association an outstanding community organization. Since the Alumni Association was established back in January of 1996, the hope has been that more alumni would get involved in leadership roles, but that has not happened. With the 50 th Anniversary of the current BHS building celebration going on in September this may be a good time for BHS alumni to get involved with the Alumni Association. It would be nice to see some people who would like to run for officers and take an active role in revitalizing the Alumni Association .Currently, thanks to the generosity of Grogan’s Towne and Barron Insurance for assuming paying off the Bedford Community Stadium loan, there is no outstanding debt for the Alumni Association to concentrate their fund-raising efforts. Their efforts now can be spent on why the Association was formed:

1. To encourage camaraderie between Bedford graduates and others who are interested in the well-being of Bedford High School.
2. To provide assistance for current students.
3. To keep members informed about what is happening at Bedford High School and with other members.
4. To undertake special school related projects.

Click here to view complete information concerning the Alumni Association, including the history and constitution of the Association.

6. Is the BHS Alumni Association a 501c3 organization? (A 501c3 organization is a United States nonprofit organization that has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service to be tax-exempt under the terms of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code) What is the current status of the of 501c3?

Yes, the BHS Alumni Association is a certified 501c3 Organization with all donations made to the organization being tax deductible. According to the BHS Alumni Association Treasurer, the current status is up-to-date (July 2015). All filing requirements have be met each year with Federal Government and the State of Michigan. Click here to view the current 501c3 information concerning the Bedford High School Alumni Association. Please contact BHS Alumni Association Treasurer if you have any questions concerning the the status of the 501c3.

7. Is the Alumni Association still accepting donations toward the stadium project, Alumni Association scholarships, Hall of Fame and other general donations to the Association?

Yes, Bedford Alumni Association is still accepting donationsWe are proud of our community and its reputation and that’s why in 1997 we decided to make the stadium our first special project that is now benefiting everyone who lives here. Please become part of one of the largest privately funded projects in the State of Michigan. Here is how you can “Be A Part Of It”:

Buy A Brick

  • Purchase a custom engraved brick with your personal message. These bricks will pave a pathway of pride throughout the Community Stadium and will be a lasting reminder of the contributors. The bricks make a wonderful gift or memorial. The cost to purchase a brick is $100 for a 4”x 8” or $200 for an 8”x 8” brick. 

 Make A Pledge

  • “Make A Pledge” to the Bedford Community Stadium over 5 years. Your name will be included on a plaque on the “Recognition Wall of Fame” (located at the east end of the stadium) with a pledge of $1,000 ($200 per year) or more.  

Membership For for the BHS Alumni Association

  • Become an active member of Bedford Alumni Association. We are a group of BHS graduates and others who are interested in the well being of Bedford High School. No membership fee is required and membership is open to everyone whether you are a Bedford graduate or not. 

 Naming Rights Form for the Bedford Community Stadium

  • TBD

 Hall of Fame Brick Sponsor

8. Is the Alumni Association participating in the 50th Anniversary Celebration on September 25 & 26, 2015

Yes, a current officer of the Alumni Association is serving on the planning committee and other members are planning on attending future meetings to offer their assistance with the event. The Alumni Association has supported this event since the event was announced. Another member of the Association has been posting information on the Bedford Yes Web site in cooperation with the committee chairman, Evelyn Powers since May 2015 to publicize the event. On June 27, 2015 it was suggested to committee Chairman Evelyn Powers, by an Alumni Association member: “It would be a great idea to have a couple of the current Alumni Association officers attend the next 50th Anniversary Celebration meeting. It would be nice to see some new Alumni get involved with the BHS Alumni Association. It also would be to the committee’s advantage to be able to use the Alumni Association’s current 501c3 status if the group needs to purchase anything for the celebration without having to pay any sales tax.” The Committee Chairman, Evelyn Powers responded “I do want to use the Alumni Association’s 501(c)(3) for this Event”.