Alumni Directories

Bedford Alumni Directories for 1997-2001-2007-2017

Bedford Alumni is currently updating their published Alumni Directory for all Alumni from 1941 to 2017 through a company called Publishing Concepts (PCI). The Project will run from June 2017 through to April 2018 (approx. 10 months), where they will become available to purchase sometime in May 2018.

PCI acquired Harris Connect, LLC. 

What does that mean to you as an Alumni or Class Reunion Planner?

You will be contacted by PCI, as a representitive of Bedford Alumni, in the upcoming year (2017-18).  They will mail out postcards to prompt you to call them.  This is legitimate and we encourage you to contact them to ensure we get the latest information to pass on to your Class Reunion Planning Committee.

Sample Postcard

There is no cost to Bedford Alumni for this major project. When the project is completed, PCI will make this directory available for a very limited time to purchase a digital or hard copy exclusively to our Alumni.  We strongly encourage each Class to purchase this directory so that you can have the latest contact information for your upcoming reunions.

Pricing information

The purchase window will run after May 2018 for several weeks.

Alumni Directory Format

The directories contains the following sections:

Introductory Section

  • Includes pictures, history, officers, trustees, how to use the directory, etc.

Biographical Section

  • Alumni listed alphabetically with residence information, employer, job title, class year, e-mail address, etc.

Class Year Section

  • Includes alumni alphabetically by class year and also specifies state of residence. Lost and deceased alumni are typically included.

Geographical Section

  • Includes alumni alphabetically by city, state, and country and also specifies preferred class year.


  • Client may opt to include a drop-in card in each printed directory.


Harris Connect, LLC published a hard-copy of the Bedford High School Alumni Directory for the Bedford High School Alumni Association in 1997, 2001 & 2007). The directories includes updated biographical information for alumni who reposnded to the publisher with up-dated information. When updated information was not provided by individual graduates their alumni information appears as supplied by Bedford High School or as obtained through research conducted by the publisher including class reuniion lists, classmates and/or alumni association information. Alumni who are reported deceased or for whom they could not obtain current address information are listed in the “Class Year Section” only. (Harris Connect paid the cost of sending out the post cards):




Additional copies are available to view at the High School Media Center with each class Yearbook.