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Hall of Fame Members:


Nominations for 2016-17 are due May 1st, 2017. 

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2015 (Click here for bios)


Bill Regnier: ­ Outstanding Coach/Teacher/Administrator
Mary Lou Zaums: ­ Outstanding Administrator/Teacher/Contributor
Jenifer Sulewski­-LaRoy (2003): ­ Outstanding Athlete
Rick Judson (1987): ­ Outstanding Athlete
Chris Morris (2001): ­ Outstanding Athlete
Kelly Meinhart (1984) ­ Outstanding Athlete/Coach
Jerry Jaffe (1965): ­ Theatre/Post High School
1979 State  Championship Wrestling Team
1982 State Championship Girls Cross Country Team

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Video of the Hall of Fame Inductee Banquet

Articles and Announcements Concerning the 2015 Hall of Fame:

Click to view the press release concerning the 2015 BHS Alumni Association Hall of Fame.

View the 2015 Hall of Fame Selection Committee Ballot.

Bedford Now October 30, 2015: Nominations Due Nov. 30 For Bhs Hall Of Fame

Toledo Blade November 2, 2015: Nominations accepted for annual Bedford Hall of Fame

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Click to view the article pages 4 and 5 in the 02-08-2016 Edition of the Bedford Press!

Hall of Fame Ceremony Info:

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2015 Hall of Fame Inductees

2013 (Click here for bios)

Edd Bankowski: Athlete – ’66
Tom Estes: Athlete – ‘53
Eugene Holey: Athlete – ’49
Jeff Holly: Athlete – ‘79
Bob Lambert: Athlete – ’90
Bill Salisbury: Athlete –‘77
Kevin Taylor: Athlete – ’70
Bill Zgorzelski: Athlete – ‘71
2001 State Championship Volleyball Team


Current Newspaper Articles Concerning the 2013 Hall of Fame:

Toledo Blade September 30, 2013: Wrestling coach among inductees to Bedford High alumni hall of fame

Bedford Press September 23, 2013: Bedford High School Alumni Association announces 2013 Hall of Fame inductees

2012 (Click here for bios)

Ellen Bacon: Teacher (’72 – ’07)
Stacey Heams: Athlete – ‘88
Lindi Bankowski: Athlete – ‘01
Jess Hurley: Athlete – ‘92
Jim Long: Post High School – ‘75
Doug Winkler: Athlete – ‘73
Jill Treuhaft: Teacher (’69 – ’99)
Bedford High School Wrestling Team of 1977

2011 (Click here for bios)

Clayton Kelley: Outstanding Coach
Jesse Elzinga ’97: Outstanding Athlete
Rebecca (Neorr) Umpstead ’90: Outstanding Athlete
Terry (Riddle) Ormsby ’88: Outstanding Athlete
Louie Tibai ’92: Outstanding Athlete
Paul Stanifer: Outstanding Teacher (Music)
1998 State Champion Volleyball Team

2010 (Click here for bios)

Richard (Dick) Harley: Outstanding Bedford High School Teacher from 1973-2009
Doug Harper: ’85 Outstanding Athlete (Wrestling)
Michael Morris: ’64 Outstanding Post High School Accomplishments
Shayna Munson: ’99 Outstanding Athlete (Volleyball/Basketball)
Arnold Strzelecki: ’51 Outstanding Athlete (Track)
Matt Wiederhold: ’87 Outstanding Theater Arts Student and Post High School Accomplishments
The 1975-76 Bedford High School State Champion Wrestling Team

2009 (Click here for bios)

Matthew Bell ( Music & Post High School) ‘91
Terri Blok (Bosma) (Athlete) ‘77
Steve Danforth (Athlete) ‘69
Tony Gill (Athlete) ‘91
Bill “Marty” Hammerstein (Athlete) ‘59
Phyllis McMacken-Maschke (Teacher)
1966 Bedford High School GLL Championship Football Team (Class of  ’67)

2008 (Click here for bios of 2008 Inductees)

Terry Banks (Athlete) ‘79
Joe Caruso ( Athlete & Post High School) ‘72
Michelle Andrews (King) (Athlete) ‘83
Mary Linzie ( Athlete & Post High School) ‘89
Kellie Nowak ( Athlete & Post High School) ’96
Kevin Vogel ( Athlete & Post High School) ‘87
Jennifer Bringman (West) Athlete & Post High School) ‘92

2007  (Click here for bios of 2007 Inductees)

Lowell Cauffiel ( Post High School)’69
Douglas Dove ( Athlete & Post High School) ‘59
John Hittler (Athlete) ‘70
Brett Holey ( Post High School) ‘78
Todd Lezon (Athlete) ‘82
C. David Parker (Teacher)
Edward Tutelian (Teacher)

2006  (Click here for bios of 2006 Inductees)

Richard Boehme (Athlete) ‘49
Walter Chany (Athlete) ‘65
Eleanor Gordon (Administrator)
Shane Heams ( Athlete & Post High School) ‘94
Leslie Keane (Athlete) ‘96
Carol Emptage-Kwiatkowski (Teacher)
David Long (Athlete) ‘67
Ken Moyer ( Athlete & Post High School) ‘84
Lynn Parachek (Teacher & Coach)
Edward Rudd (Community Supporter)
Kara Walcher (Shavo) (Athlete) ‘83

2005 (Click here for bios)

Robert Boehme (Athlete) ‘51
Dennis Brighton (Athlete) ‘74
Gary Duhaime (Coach)
Lew Horn (Teacher & Coach)
Liz Renius (Smith) (Athlete) ‘95
Gene Stock (Community Supporter) ‘64

2004 (Click here for bios)

James Kindle (Athlete) ‘70
David Simpson (Athlete) ‘85
Buffy Williams (Ruddy) (Athlete) ‘89

2003 (Click here for bios)

Bill Alexander (Athlete) ‘52
Charlie Holmes (Teacher)
Dennis Kinney (Athlete) ‘70
Fred Lowe ( Athlete & Post High School) ‘65
Chuck Rimmer (Community Supporter) ‘59
Paul Whitman ( Community Supporter & Post High School) ‘40

2002 (Click here for bios)

Ron Boehme (Athlete & Coach) ‘55
Tom Gannon (Athlete) ‘52
James McHugh (Administrator)
Paul Swy (Athlete & Community Supporter) ‘49
Oyce Whitesell (Teacher)
Jerry Wing (Administrator)

2001 (Click here for bios)

Etta Mae Chapman (Teacher)
Chris McMacken (Athlete) ‘67
Art Maschke (Administrator & Coach)
Karen Sapp (Crowe) (Athlete) ‘83
Jennifer Shrader (Williams) (Music, Theatre and Post High School) ‘91

2000 (Click here for bios)

Bob Andrews (Community Supporter)
William Early (Coach)
Chester & Lottie Karpanty (Community Supporter)
Gerald Kish (Athlete) ‘51
Dick Oswald (Athlete) ‘52
John Stafford (Teacher)
Reid Stout (Administrator & Inventor)
Dr Warren Tolly ( Athlete & Post High School) ‘49
Richard Trychel (Athlete) ‘53
Jon Whitman (Athlete) ‘73