Harris Directories

Bedford High School Directories for 1997-2001-2007

Harris Connect, LLC published a hard-copy of the Bedford High School Alumni Directory for the Bedford High School Alumni Association in 1997, 2001 & 2007). The directories includes updated biographical information for alumni who reposnded to the publisher with up-dated information. When updated information was not provided by individual graduates their alumni information appears as supplied by Bedford High School or as obtained through research conducted by the publisher including class reuniion lists, classmates and/or alumni association information. Alumni who are reported deceased or for whom they could not obtain current address information are listed in the “Class Year Section” only. Please contact Gene Stock if you would like to borrow a copy of the directory. Listed below is a sample of the post card that was mailed out by the Bedford High School Alumni Association to all BHS Alumni over the years to obtain the information for the directory (Harris Connect paid the cost of sending out the post cards):

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The directories contains the following sections:

 Biographical Section:

In this section, each alumnus is listed alphabetically. When available the following information is included in each listing: last name, first name & middle initial, maiden name or prior name (if applicable), graduation class year, job title, employer, employer’s address, work telephone number, residence address, home telephone number, e-mail address, spouse (in italics) and children.

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Class Year Section:

Alumni are listed by their student names under their class year. A single asterisk (*) denotes alumni who were unavailable to confirm their addresses or who did not respond to mailings. A double asterisk (**) denotes alumni who could not be located or who were reported as deceased. (Unless deceased status is confirmed by the high school or alumni association (if applicable), the publisher is unable to denote the alumnus as deceased.)

BHS Class List 1947-2006
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Geographical Section:

Alumni are listed under their residence addresses in the following order:State, U.S. Military, U.S. possessions and territories, and outside the U.S. Following each name is the individual’s class year.

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 Please contact Gene Stock if you would like to borrow a copy of any of directories. Additional copies are available to view at the High School Media Center with each class Yearbook.