The BHS Alumni Association currently awards two scholarships each year, the Holey Family Scholarship and the Jonathan Scout Hall of Fame Scholarship.

The Jonathan Scout Hall of Fame Scholarship

Jonathan Scout was the textbook definition of all the things a Bedford Kicking Mule should be. He was a kind and friendly young man who treated others with dignity and respect. He was engaged with his community as an Eagle Scout, with his school as a Varsity Football player. Early in 2016, Jonathan was diagnosed with cancer. Our community watched with pride as Jonathan battled his illness. The community cheered with Jonathan when he scored a touchdown against Dexter during his Senior season. As his illness progressed, Jonathan was granted a wish by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Jonathan used his wish for a new scoreboard to be installed in Bedford Community Stadium. This generosity and selflessness are a true testament to Jonathan and to his family. Bedford Alumni wanted to find a way to honor Jonathan’s courage, grace, and generosity and to make sure that our community never forgets this exemplary young man or the way he lived his life. Our hope is that the community never forgets the tangible and intangible gifts Jonathan left behind.

To honor Jonathan, we have established the “Jonathan Scout Hall of Fame Scholarship”, which will be awarded to a graduating Senior from Bedford High School every year. While the student who wins this award is not being inducted into the Bedford High School Hall of Fame, the Hall of Fame wishes to recognize Jonathan and his contributions to our alma mater as the sponsor of this scholarship which we hope will become the highest honor of citizenship and school spirit that a Bedford student can win.

Students may be nominated by teachers, coaches, mentors, administrators, or peers. They must be planning to attend a 2 or 4 year college or university, a technical or trade program, or an apprenticeship. To qualify, nominees must have demonstrated the qualities of strength, courage, perseverance, or generosity. They must have participated in a sport or in another extra curricular activity and must have demonstrated excellent citizenship as a student at Bedford High School.

Stay tuned for nomination information for the Class of 2019. For more information on donating to the scholarship fund, please contact, or Dustin Cress, Bedford Alumni President, at (419) 705-8529.

Download the Scout Scholarship Criteria.

Previous Winners of the Jonathan Scout Hall of Fame Scholarship Include:

Alexis Harpel- Class of 2017

Evan Barr- Class of 2018

The Holey Family Scholarship Fund

Presently this scholarship is $1000. In the past, the Association has been fortunate to receive donations from individual alumni or classes for additional scholarships. The high school receives the recipients submissions for this scholarship.

This scholarship was established in 2013 with the generous assistance of the alumni association and specifically past Board Members: Gene Stock, Chuck Faller & Laura Collins.

The board thus far has been made up of current Alumni Association Board, Brett Holey & his siblings Bruce Holey & Sue Okopny.

Below is the original charter letter.

The Bryan P. Holey Memorial Scholarship will be established by the Bedford High School Alumni Association in cooperation with the Holey family.

The Scholarship was originally established in memory of Bryan Patrick Holey, a 1969 graduate of Bedford High School, lifelong Bedford resident and supporter of Bedford Schools. In 2017, after their father passed away, the name was changed to the Holey Family Scholarship.

The scholarship will be awarded annually to a Bedford High School graduating Senior who has demonstrated academic excellence, as well good citizenship and is enrolled in an institution of higher learning. Preference will be given to students enrolled at the University of Michigan where Bryan studied.

Students will be able to apply through Bedford High School. Applications will be forwarded to a board of advisers, to be mutually agreed upon by the Holey family and the Alumni Association, who will choose the recipient.  The scholarship will be a one-time grant per student and will not be renewable.

The aim will be to award a grant of at least $1000 per year for a period of 15-20 years. Funds for the scholarship will be raised with the leadership of the Holey family and should be tax deductible under the Alumni Association’s 501 (3) (c) status.

The Holey family would like to maintain the option to extend the scholarship past the intended limit if funding is available. At the end of the term of the scholarship any excess funds should revert to the Alumni Association for charitable purposes.

The following lists the former recipients of the Holey Family Scholarship:

Susan Gant – Class of 2016

Max Marquardt- Class of 2017

Rachel Gamble- Class of 2017

Hunter Gandee- Class of 2018