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Temperance, MI- With regret, the Bedford High School Alumni Association has accepted the resignation of President Michelle (Mickey) Reed (Class of 1992) today. In August of 2015, Mickey accepted the daunting task of revitalizing the Bedford High School Alumni Association during a very difficult time in the Association’s history and has handled herself with poise, strength, and dignity during adversity. Mickey has accomplished much in her short year as President: from reorganization of the Association’s filing and document system to a huge increase in the Alumni Association’s membership, the release of a new website and increased presence in social media. There is no doubt that none of this would have happened without Mickey’s hard work, vision, and leadership. Thankfully, Mickey has agreed to remain actively involved in the Alumni Association and will step into the role of Membership Committee Chair. We look forward to her continued contributions to the organization.

Dustin Cress (Class of 2001) has been appointed as President of the Bedford High School Association effective immediately. His immediate goals are to recruit and install new Officers for the organization for the 2016-17 School Year and to chart the course for the upcoming school year.

Candidly, this has been a tough few months for the Alumni Association. Several officers have resigned for un-related personal reasons and the Alumni Association now must decide how it is going to proceed moving forward.  There are important decisions to make and there is definitely a need to turn the page and move the organization forward. Now is the time for transformational ideas and actions, and we invite the entire community to be involved. There are officer and committee chair positions available and we look forward to filling those roles as quickly as interested parties can be identified.

Those interested in the new direction of the Alumni Association are asked to contact President Dustin Cress at (419) 340-6195 or Treasurer Lisa Beins-McCaig (419) 297-1100. You may also contact us by e-mail at

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