Who is Bedford Alumni?

Bedford Alumni is comprised of Bedford High School graduates and community members working to inform, engage and inspire alumni to stay connected to their alma mater, support its vision and to contribute to its success.

What is our mission?

  • Encourage networking between Bedford graduates and others supporting the advancement of Bedford High School.
  • Support Bedford High School student initiatives.
  • Create networking opportunities.
  • Maintain and strengthen lifelong relationships between alumni and Bedford High School through opportunities that promote interaction and engagement.
  • Keep alumni informed and connected to Bedford High School through comprehensive communications and social media programs.
  • Sponsor the Bedford High School Hall of Fame by identifying and promoting alumni success and achievements.

What will Bedford Alumni do for its members?

  • We will plan special events for its members; Homecoming and Hall of Fame activities, golf outings, and alumni nights at school events.
  • We will assist with independent school related activities and support other organizations in their efforts to support Bedford Public Schools.
  • We will maintain communications for school events and information related to alumni interests.

When are meetings held?

Please check our calendar for the latest information. Unless otherwise noted, they are typically scheduled every First Monday of every-other month at 7pm at Forest View Lanes. 

What are the annual membership fees to join Bedford Alumni?

There are no membership fees to join.

How do I connect with Bedford Alumni?

For more information:


Bedford Alumni was formed in 1996 to encourage camaraderie between Bedford graduates and others who are interested in the well-being of Bedford High School; to provide assistance for current students; to keep members informed about what is happening at the School and with alumni association members; and to undertake special, school related projects. We were reborn in 2015 and are committed to making a difference in the lives of all Bedford Mules: future, past, and present. Won’t you join us?

Bedford Alumni does not support any political activities or affiliations and will remain a neutral Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) entity in its official capacity.