Executive Officers, Policies, Procedures

Alumni Association Procedures and Responsibilities
(Revised August 2015)

Responsibilities of Alumni Association Board of Directors officers:


  1. Will be the official spokesman for the Alumni Association
  2. Will prepare the Agenda for all meetings and provide a copy to the Alumni Association secretary at least a week before the scheduled meeting so the secretary can notify the other officers and the membership.
  3. Will preside over all meetings.

Vice President:

  1. Will serve in the capacity of President if necessary.
  2. Will be in charge of Brick Donations (see separate procedure sheet)
  3. Will be responsible for writing thank you letters for all donations to the Association.


  1. Will be responsible for all deposits and payments for the Association.
  2. Will pick up all mail on a weekly basis from the mailbox at the BPS Administration office.
  3. The treasurer will leave mail in an envelope marked for the President, Vice President or Secretary.
  4. Will be responsible for all accounting procedures for the Association.
  5. Will prepare financial reports for each membership meeting.


  1. Will be responsible for recording the minutes of all meetings and provide those minutes at the next Association meeting.
  2. Will make available the meeting agenda to all officers and members at least one week before all meetings.
  3. Will be responsible for all correspondence that is delegated to her/him by the President.

Trustees (2)

  1. Will assist the other officers by serving on the “Board of Directors” The Board of Directors will establish objectives, policies and procedures for the Association.

The Bedford High School Alumni Association Constitution
Revised 4-12-2000

Article I-Name

The name of the organization shall be The Bedford High School Alumni Association.

Article II-Mission/Purpose

The purpose of the Bedford High School Alumni Association (“Association”) shall be to

  1. Continue the camaraderie of graduates of Bedford High School (“School”) and those interested in the future and well being of the School,
  2. To provide support (financial assistance or otherwise) for causes deemed worthy by the members of the Association, and
  3. To keep members informed of the status, accomplishments, and/ or significant events of the School.

Article III-Membership

There shall be two (2) classes of membership:

  1. Alumni Members: Persons who graduated from Bedford High School.
  2. Associate Members: Persons who express an interest in perpetuating the well-being of the School.

Membership shall become active immediately upon receipt of application.

Article IV-Officers

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Trustee (2)

In case of a vacancy, the executive board has the power to appoint an individual to fill a term until the next regular election.

Article V-Dues

Dues, if any, shall be established by the Board of Directors and voted on at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Article V – The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (“Board”) shall consist of all officers plus two (2) members in good standing elected at large each year.

Article VI – Committees

The Association shall consist of the following standing committees to be chaired by members in good standing and appointed by the Board:

  • 1.) Membership Committee
  • 2.) Fund Raising/Endowments
  • 3.) Student Relations
  • 4.) Alumni Relations
  • 5.) Special Projects

Other committees shall be formed by the Board when deemed necessary and shall also be composed of members in good standing.

Article VIII – Authority

The Rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order; Revised shall govern the Association when they do not conflict with the Constitution or by-laws of the Association.

Article IX – Amendments

The Constitution and by-laws may be amended at the recommendation of the Board of Directors by a vote of 3/4th of the members present at a regularly scheduled meeting.