Executive Officers, Constitution, Procedures

Current Executive Board Members


Dustin Cress ’01




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Vice President
Richard Kenny ’91




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Laurie (Keeler) Althaus ’74

Lisa Beins-McCaig ’88



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Phyllis (Reese) Boehm ’78

Mark German  
BHS Athletic Director


We have opportunities for anyone interested to serve on any of the following committees:

Student Relations (Scholarships) 
Alumni Relations
Hall of Fame (For more info contact): Phyllis Boehm 

If you are interested in leading or joining one of these committees, please email us at: alumni@mybedford.us

Bedford Alumni 
Constitution & By-Laws
(Revised July 2016)

Article I-Name

The name of the organization shall be the Bedford High School Alumni Association, and we will be marketed and branded as Bedford Alumni.

Article II-Mission/Purpose

The mission of the Bedford High School Alumni Association (“Association” or “Organization”) shall be to support the educational mission of Bedford Public Schools and to enhance the alumni experience by providing pertinent information to graduates and other interested parties and by promoting community throughout the Mule Nation.

Article III-Membership

Membership will be available to all graduates of Bedford High School as well as any other interested individual who has a shared interest in the mission & purpose of the Assocation.

All applications for membership will be reviewed by the membership committee and recommendation for approval/disapproval will be forwarded to the Executive Board (“Board”). The Board reserves the right to deny or revoke membership for individual(s) it deems have acted in a manner detrimental to the mission of the Association and/or Bedford Public Schools.

Dues, if any, shall be established by the Executive Board and voted upon at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Article IV: Fiscal Year

The fiscal year for the Association shall run September 1-August 31 each year.

Article V: Officers

The following officers shall be elected by members present at the final meeting of the Association of each fiscal year (August):

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Trustee (2)

No officer shall serve in one position on the Executive Board for more than four (4) consecutive years; however, officers are eligible to serve in other positions or to serve non-consecutive terms.

In case of a vacancy in the middle of a term, the Board has the authority to appoint an individual to fill a term until the next regular election.

Article VI: Committees

The Association shall consist of the following standing committees:

  • Membership
  • Fundraising
  • Student Relations (Scholarships)
  • Alumni Relations
  • Hall of Fame
  • Special Projects (As deemed necessary by the Board)
  • Any other committee deemed necessary and created by the Board

Each committee shall be chaired by members in good standing of the Alumni Association and appointed by the Board.

Article VII: Political Affiliations/Endorsements

The Bedford High School Alumni Association shall not endorse any candidate, cause, or committee which is or may be up for public referendum. Furthermore, the Association shall not accept monetary or in-kind support from any candidate, cause or committee. No officer shall publicly or privately endorse any candidate, cause, or committee in their official Alumni Association capacity.

Article VIII: Authority/Meetings

The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order; Revised shall govern the Association when they do not conflict with the Constitution and/or By-Laws of the Association.

The President will schedule regular business meetings at a time and location to be announced 30-days in advance. The President will publish an agenda for this meeting no less than seven (7) days prior to the meeting. Each regular meeting will allow opportunity for public commentary as deemed appropriate by the President. Meetings will be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order; Revised. The Executive Board may vote by simple majority to enter Executive Session for any reason the Board deems necessary.

A quorum for voting to take place at a business meeting shall consist of a majority of the duly elected Executive Board members being present. Voting rights shall be extended to all members in good standing of the Bedford High School Alumni Association. “Members in good standing” shall be recommended for approval by the Membership Committee to the General Meeting during a regular business session.

Article IX: Communications

The President serves as the official spokesperson for the Alumni Association and may delegate correspondence or communications to other members of the Executive Board at his/her own discretion. The Vice President shall monitor the Association’s social media pages and website and reserves the right to edit, add, or remove content from social media pages and/or the Association’s website as he/she deems appropriate.

No member has the authority to speak on behalf of the Alumni Association without the expressed permission of the President and all press releases, social media posts, or posts to the Association’s website must be cleared by the President before publishing.

Article X: Finances

The Treasurer and President shall serve as check signors for the Alumni Association. The Treasurer shall provide a detailed financial report at each regular meeting of the Executive Board and make all financial records available for audit upon request. All requests for payment or reimbursement must be presented to the Treasurer who shall recommend approval/disapproval to the Executive Board at the next scheduled meeting. The Board reserves the right to approve or deny any request for payment or reimbursement based upon the nature of the expenditure.

Article XI: Amendments

The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended at the recommendation of the Executive Board by a vote of ¾ of the members present at a regularly scheduled meeting.