The 2017 pickup dates:

Spring: April 22 

Summer​: July 22

Fall: September 30

Calling all trash pickers, we need YOU!!!

If you would like to volunteer to pick up trash during our Adopt-a-Road event, please contact Mickey Reed at 567-277-6796 or email her at

We need a minimum of 6 participants and 3 back ups. Children between 10-16 years old MUST be accompanied by an adult.

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2017 BBA Trade Fair

The Bedford High School Alumni Association invites you to stop out this year to see us!

We will be in the new gym in Booth 452! 

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Jonathan Scout Hall of Fame Scholarship

Announcement at the Basketball Game on Jan. 31, 2017, from President, Dustin Cress:

“It is a great day to be a Bedford Kicking Mule and it is awesome to see all of you here tonight supporting such a great cause. On behalf of Bedford Alumni, I want to say how very proud we are and always will be of Jonathan Scout. Just like you, we prayed for him and his family throughout his courageous battle. We watched as he represented himself and his school with dignity and strength. And like you, we were blown away by his generosity using his wish to leave a permanent gift of a new scoreboard. Every time we look up at the scoreboard, we will remember Jonathan’s generosity and we will be filled with pride for him. As a group, we wanted to find a way to properly say thank you to Jonathan and honor him for everything he did for Bedford High School. We want to make sure that our community never forgets him and all of the qualities that made him a truly great Kicking Mule. Tonight, we are here to announce the formation of the Jonathan Scout Hall of Fame Scholarship, which will be given each year to a Kicking Mule who embodies the qualities of courage, strength, dignity, and generosity that Jonathan displayed for all of us. Recipients may be nominated by teachers, coaches, administrators, peers, or community members. More details will be made available in the coming days, but if you would like to partner with us to make this scholarship a lasting tribute to Jonathan, we’d love to talk with you. To learn more, visit our website at or talk with any Alumni Board member. Thank you!”

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